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Our Affiliations

L. B. Electric Supply is proud of our affiliation with the following trade organizations:

"Our Service Is Electrifying"

L. B. Electric Supply Company employees are members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local Union #3 Supply Division.

Local #3 is the largest local union within the IBEW and has the most highly trained, skilled and experienced electricians and supply staff in the industry.

L. B. Electric Supply Company is a New York Electric Wholesalers Association (NYEWA) member.

New York Electric Wholesalers Association is IBEW Local #3 supply house association. Members employ IBEW Local #3 staff and cooperate throughout the New York City region to provide customers that "union" quality and service.

L. B. Electric Supply Co. is Affiliated Distributors (AD) "founding member" organization.

Affiliated Distributors is multinational buying group. Founded in 1981, this buying group allows L. B. Electric Supply a wide vendor selection including factory support (special orders, expediting, custom), special pricing, and green initiatives. AD's buying group size and vendor selection means product prices are competitive.

L. B. Electric Supply Company is an Association of Electrical Contractors (AEC) member.

The Association of Electrical Contractors, Inc. was established in 1949 to provide members with an organization dedicated to addressing issues affecting the electrical construction industry in New York City.

L. B. Electric Supply Co. is a National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) member.

National Association of Electrical Distributors is a trade organization that provides insight and information to manufacturers and distributors.

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