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Conditions - terms, restrictions and notes

Specials, special orders, sales and discounts have conditions (additional terms, restrictions and notes). These are some common bits but others may apply.

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General Terms and Conditions

Annotations and Information
  • An offer cannot be used in combination with other special offers.
  • An offer, discounted price / "sale" or similar offer is subject to change without notice.
  • Quotes and special prices are valid for a limited time and quantities.
  • Quantites are limited.
  • Special pricing / sale pricing is for specific product and limited to stock on-hand.
  • Price for configuration cannot be applied to previous orders. Similar items cannot be substituted for prior orders.
  • Item / product (specific catalog number) offered may not be stocked in our Brooklyn warehouses. Similar products maybe stocked but would be at regular prices.
  • Special configuration or add-on components maybe available for an additional fee.
  • Special packaging, repackaging, and order layout as well as delivery coordination maybe available for an additional fee.
  • Some delivery options available for additional fee (delivery options can include our trucks, UPS / FedEx / USPS, common carrier / LTL). Special delivery services and associated handling maybe limited and maybe an additional fees.
  • Material condition is factory new unless noted.
  • Material configuration is to catalog part number specifications (catalog specifications are primary for configuration and any associated appliation information).
  • Material is to codes and specifications at time of manufacture.
  • Pictures are for illistrative purposes. Any photograph is representative of product so photograph may not match catalog part number.
  • Special Orders / special items and/or large quantities or similar atypical orders may be non-cancelable and/or changable plus may have associated terms accoated for such special applied.
  • If a return or cancellation is permitted by L. B. Electric Supply, any associated adjustment / change surcharges will be applied. (Until material has been returned to L. B. Electric and inspected by staff, charges remain unchanged.)

ǂ  Offer / specials / sales conditions (terms and conditions).

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